2018. május 9-10.
Budapest Moha rendezvényközpont

Dear Visitors,

I would like to kindly welcome you to the 12th annual Health Economics Conference of the Hungarian Health Economics Association (META), the ISPOR Hungary Chapter.

This year we celebrate the 200th anniversary of the birth of Ignác Semmelweis, and this is a good opportunity to look into ourselves, to evaluate the current state of Hungarian healthcare, and our profession in particular. I believe, that Hungary is in an exceptional position regarding health economics and health policy. Both the expertise and the number of our professionals in these fields are outstanding.

In this blissful situation, the main goal of a conference is to function as a meeting point, to provide opportinities for high quality discussions. We aimed to make improvements regarding the appearance, hopefully to your satisfaction, however we kept a close eye on maintaining our core values. This is why we invited distingiushed experts as speakers, hence we opened our doors to all stakeholder groups and professionals, and this is why we welcome the first steps of young experts and students as well. I honestly believe, that comprehensive cooperation is the key to the improvement of Hungarian healthcare.

In line with the points listed above, I wish you a beneficial and productive conference participation.

Kind regards,

Bertalan Németh
Hungarian Health Economics Association


If you would like to register to the 12th annual Health Economics Conference please contact us on the following e-mail address: konferencia@metaweb.hu

Registration fee

  One Day Registration (per day)
May 9. / May 10.
Full Registration
May 9-10.
  META Member Non-Member META Member Non-Member
Public Sector 10 500 Ft 14 000 Ft 19 500 Ft 26 000 Ft
Standard 33 750 Ft 45 000 Ft 48 000 Ft 64 000 Ft
Full-Time Students 3 450 Ft 4 600 Ft 6 900 Ft 9 200 Ft


Date: May 9-10. 2018

Event venue: MOHA Ház, 1143 Budapest, Gizella street 42-44.

Link: http://www.mohahaz.hu/

Key topics

  • Semmelweis 200: Economic evaluation of medical procedures and medical technologies using a multi-criteria approach
  • Developments in public health: Evaluating vaccination policy and economic evaluation of vaccines
  • How to decrease the burden of patients? Minimally invasive procedures and one-day surgery cases
  • Health economic aspects of best supportive care, terminal care, hospice care
  • Mental diseases from a health economics perspective
  • Utilization of real-world data and registries in economic evaluations and in decision making
  • Drug innovation (primarily in oncology, diabetes and cardiology) and the related decision support tools (early HTA)
  • The current drug reimbursement system, and opportunities for future development
  • eHealth: Efficiency of innovative technologies supporting screening activities and patient care


  • Dr. Antal Zemplényi
  • Dr. Judit Bidló
  • László Nagyjánosi
  • Dr. Péter Gaál
  • Prof. Dr. Lajos Botz


It is important to note that compared to previous years the conference fee covers the lunch during the day of relevance. In addition to this, the conference fees were set at a lower price in several categories compared to previous years (see details in the attached table).

If you have any special dietary needs please let us know!


If you need assistance finding a suitable accommodation please contact us on the following e-mail address: konferencia@metaweb.hu